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BIG CHANGES to FallA…please read!

Because of scheduling issues, there are few classes in MDD/WGD offered in Fall A (November-December).
Please make decisions and arrangements NOW to avoid drastic conflicts and issues when you’re ready to register for FallA.

The on-campus classes offered are:
WGD 250 (Raul Varela) and GMD 341 (Derek Manns). If you are considering WGD 205, 222 or 235, you must decide to either wait until Fall B (all classes will be offered), or take these classes online.

My recommendation is to wait, and take electives that session. If you MUST take any of those three classes, you are left with the online option.

I know this is not a great situation; if you have questions, please see me or Dean McClure.


For graduating seniors…

If you were not able to attend today’s GradFest, you’ll have another chance this Saturday, September 10 from 10am – 1 pm. You MUST attend if you anticipate graduation anytime before June, 2012. Contact Irene Lopez in Career Services for more information.

New Sale for Students at Apple Store

Not that you want a Mac, but right now they’re offering some good deals, including $100 credits. If you want to check it out, go to Apple’s website.

Do you know how to clone your hard drive?

Maybe you should!
Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, this article will help you with great ideas to save you when your computer suddenly doesn’t recognize the hard drive!

Interesting visuals in design…

Check out FastCodeDesign!

A Place for all things visual…like free photos & images

A great place to “place your special found images, as well as a place to consult when searching for copyright-free images…Pinterest!

Typography film from Vancouver Film School

And something just wonderful and funny…

Too funny to let go…just yet

CSS Zen Garden, by Dave Shea

CSS Zen Garden
is the brainchild of Dave Shea, a web graphic designer, who came up
with the idea of allowing graphic artists from all over the world to
submit their own interpretations of a webpage by modifying a CSS file.

a design and discuss the various elements and principles of design in
action. Analyze and critique the graphical elements of the design for
unity, emphasis, contrast, balance, movement, and readability. 

Note: While the focus of this site is very much on web design, concentrate your discussion on the graphic design of the various submissions.