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Apple is Hiring!

Apple Computer has contacted DeVry University about 100’s of jobs available in all areas where Apple has retail stores! They are CREATIVE jobs, so if you would like to see where you might fit at Apple, contact Tangela Thompson in Career Services immediately.


More on Illustrator 5

Since several classes currently in session are deep in work in Adobe Illustrator, I thought you’d find this article in Smashing magazine really helpful right now. Check out the Warp tool (and Liquify).

Hand Drawn contest to check out

Hand Drawn
What is illustration today? Is it pen-and-ink on paper? Vectors on pixels? A cut-paper scene captured in a photograph? A hand-stitched portrait with a touch of Photoshop? We think it’s all of the above. And now, we want to see what illustration is to you.

This competition is open to all participants and all illustrations styles. There are no restrictions and all entries will be judged equally. All files must be submitted electronically and be 2MB in size or smaller.
This competition is open now.
Entry fees
$60/campaign or series
$30/student campaigns

The 2012 competition deadline is September 1.

$500 for best in show
$250 for two runner ups
Placement in the magazine and on

Email us at
Or call 715-445-4612 x13430
To read the full article, click here.