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New tutorials beginning next week

Interested in adding great Photoshop and Illustrator work to your portfolio?…in ten minutes or less??? Beginning next week, I will be posting some great tutorials and accompanying files to help you become an expert in CS5! Stay tuned to this blog for details!


New job postings: please take a look if interested!

Creative Circle – Dallas, TX
A Dallas-based agency, is looking for a freelance Illustrator.
You will be responsible for 3 – 9×12 pencil drawings for an ad campaign. Style required is a realistic, furniture/ homewares and person. This is an offsite assignment that starts ASAP as the final drawings are due on Monday.

Graphic Designer (for recent graduate or soon-to-be graduate
Pearson Education – Austin, TX
• Work with Quark 8.0 in traditional paper publishing environment for test item development.
• Work with InDesign in a traditional paper publishing environment for administrative booklets.
• Work with XML content that is published to InDesign for print and Flash for online deliverables.
• Use MathType to create equations for use in print and in online testing environment.
• Work in Flash to publish online test items (no animation involved).
• Prepare InDesign and Illustrator content for use
Go to to apply.

Designer/Photoshop Expert
Holmes Millet Advertising, Inc.
Graphic Designer/Photoshop Expert needed for a 3 week project. Must be expert with Photoshop and have a good eye for design as it relates to video. The job is to design and build multi-layered 1280px X 720px image files that will then be turned into video motion graphics by our editor/animator. Must be well organized and have knowledge of “folders and layers” in Photoshop.

How To Apply:
Email resume, contact info, and pdf of work samples, or website link to:

New Sale for Students at Apple Store

Not that you want a Mac, but right now they’re offering some good deals, including $100 credits. If you want to check it out, go to Apple’s website.

Immediate Job Opening! Part time Production Coordinator

Attention all current students and recent grads!
SMU has a temporary part time position with a flexible work schedule of up to 20 hours per week (to be determined by director). Some work may be done from home, but position will require person to be in office for four to five hours per day Mondays-Fridays.

The Production Coordinator is a temporary (Sept. 5-Dec. 5, 2011), part-time position responsible for a variety of advertising design and pre-press production functions on behalf of Student Media Company, Inc., a self-supported, non-profit corporation financially and legally independent of Southern Methodist University.

This is a great opportunity for one of you, so take advantage immediately!

Please let me know if you are interested, or contact Saundra or Tangela in Career Services TODAY!

Do you know how to clone your hard drive?

Maybe you should!
Whether you’re a Mac or PC user, this article will help you with great ideas to save you when your computer suddenly doesn’t recognize the hard drive!

Interesting visuals in design…

Check out FastCodeDesign!

SpiderOak…a better cloud storage solution?

I have mentioned to many students in the past about the site (not to be confused with the Dropbox in eCollege!), but lately Dropbox has had some severe security issues. So…let me suggest an alternative for you:
SpiderOak offers a free 2GB version, from which you can upgrade all the way up to 100GB for $100/year ($100/year only gets you 50GB at Dropbox).

A Place for all things visual…like free photos & images

A great place to “place your special found images, as well as a place to consult when searching for copyright-free images…Pinterest!

Welcome Back!

the summer session is now here! Hope you’re enjoying your first week of classes. Please take a moment to sign up for the RSS feed to this site, so you will be updated when there are new events, new jobs and internships and relevant stories and links for all WGD/MDD students. Again, welcome to summer at DeVry!