Announcements posted here for all students

Hello All:
First, if I have your email listed here by mistake as a current DeVry student, please let me know and I will remove your address pronto!

Second, the Creative Summit will be held Mar 25-26 at Texas State University. Only a couple people have expressed interest in going, so if you want further info, please contact me or Autumn directly. There are some scholarships available.

Third, the second meeting with Sam Burkett will be held next week; he would like to go over sketches done by students and make some decisions with storyboards, characterizations, etc.

Fourth: since the DeVry email system leaves SO MUCH to be desired, I have set up a WordPress blog for you, the WGD/MDD student at DeVry. It is actually a resurrected blog, from 2008-2009. I will reactivate it this weekend, and that is where every single announcement about the programs will be posted…all jobs, meetings, everything. So please, please check it on a regular basis…maybe every couple of days???

The address:
If you can’t remember, think “The Great Gatsby.”

Also, finally, please remember: if you are looking for a job, check; follow the link to

Have a good weekend.

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