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Attention students working on cartoon project

If you were involved with working on the speculative project with Mr. Sam Burkett, there are some copyright rules you need to be very much aware of!

The work you created with Mr. Burkett is property of YOU, and not Mr. Burkett. You were under no obligation and received no remuneration for your work. If he approaches you and asks for the work to be turned over to him, it is your decision whether or not to allow him access. Please be aware that you will likely NOT be paid for past and future services.

Since Mr. Burkett refused to sign any kind of professionally-binding contractual agreement on behalf of DeVry University students, he will no longer be allowed to conduct any kind of business on campus.


Attention soon-to-be WGD graduates!

If you are within one semester from graduating with the WGD degree, please contact me immediately. You need to begin, right now, to think about how you want your portfolio website to look like, and begin building your resume. Again, please send an email to me immediately so we can set up preliminary meetings.

Meeting is tomorrow for cartoon reviews

Room 204! 12 noon! If you did not RSVP, please come anyway, and bring ALL your sketches.

Four New Jobs Posted Here!

Professor Ed Magnin notified me of job listings for the game company THQ, and there are MANY jobs there for animators and designers as well. They are in locations all over the country and Canada, the closest being in Austin.
THQ Animator (Austin, TX)
THQ Concept Artist Austin, TX)
THQ Graphic Design Artist (Phoenix, AZ)
THQ (Austin TX))
Associate Environment Artist

Tutoring begins next week: IPad/IPhone apps; WordPress

For WordPress tutoring sessions: Mondays at noon-1pm, room 207
For IPad and IPhone app tutoring sessions: Mondays at 1-2pm, room 207

Meeting Tuesday, Mar 22 to review Caricatures/Cartoons!

If you are interested in creating or being part of the creation of the characters for “The Dyers,” a cartoon/program being developed currently by Sam Burkett, please come to the meeting next Tuesday, March 22, at noon, in room 204. Lunch will be provided.
RSVP to by Thursday if you plan to attend.

To download a copy of the “Treatment” which describes all the characters and gives specifics about the production, please go to the Treatment link!

How Can I Participate???

Want to know when a new post appears at tggatsby, then subscribe to the RSS Feed!

Want to notify me or sign up for an upcoming tutoring session or make an appointment, write a comment! Send me an email! ( Leave me a message in Student Central!

Tutoring Available for Building Mobile Apps

If you are interested in joining noon-time tutoring sessions on “How to Build Mobile Apps” please email me immediately so we can set up sessions. Thanks!

Tutoring sessions in WordPress to be scheduled

If you are interested in some tutorials in WordPress, please email me asap so I can set up some tutoring times (probably lunchtime sessions)

Meeting for IGDA Foundation website today

Room 204 at 12 noon. Please attend if interested!