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Great Portfolio Advice

Terrific article! Read…read now! Pass on to your classmates…that time approaches


So…will machines soon outsmart man?

Sobering story about the advances in artificial intelligence and computer science…

Check Creativity/AdAge weekly to see the best of the best!

Click here and watch the weekly best offerings from advertising.

Crazy realism in new game from Tronic Studios

What do you think? Uber-realism and animation and very beautifully rendered. Comments?

Great article on Design and Ego

Very good article for students in design…there’s a mindset among many design professors that part of the “training” of great designers includes instilling a grand regard for themselves and their talents…which may not serve them very well in that proverbial “real world.”

It’s Been a Long Time…

Since I’ve actually written anything to you, and I hope to change that today.
I have been thinking about your graduation, in just a few short months. and then your role as designers in this ever-evolving, ever-changing world.

This is the absolute, best, loveliest commencement speech I have read in many years, and want you to read and cherish it as I have come to do:
Click here please!

Yo! Veer!

Take a look at yet another great and very fun to look at visual resource, Veer. These folks have been around a long time, always offer great (or very cheeeeep) freebies and have amazing typefaces. And great t-shirts. And notebooks. And just stuff.

Some great places for resources and info

Check this out!

Couldn’t take the “Sunburn” look any longer…

Ah, simplicity…bold, yes, but a little quieter. Its so hot outside, I figured you needed a bit of a break…

So, this is just funny…

Go ahead and laugh