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Late Night Thinking

Last year I created a piece of art that  felt I left incomplete.  I felt something  missing…the message. I couldn’t think of a title or a message to give no matter how hard I tried to think of one.  I left it alone for a while, and before I knew it I forgot about it.

Until last week, I came across a Proverb 27:1 which says, ” Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” (Holy Bible NIV) This made me think of how we seem to take today for granted, and leave everything for tomorrow. In reality, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring…what might not even be alive.

So think twice before you have another decision, because that decision might be your last. silent scream


101 High Quality CSS and XHTML…

Smashing Magazine on my Twitter loves to give me these links to such things. It leaves me running around like an ADD squirrel after all of it but it’s always quite worth it. This particular link will show you 101 really great CSS and XHTML templates and layouts. Worth a look after we’ve all stared through the CSS zen garden for so long.

Just follow me…


A Great Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Pizza Hut has just created an internship position for someone to focus on Twitter and other social media for their company. The internship has likely already been filled, but what about other similar companies (like retail pizzerias? or similar food establishments???) What if you, the budding Web Designer Extraordinaire, pitched YOURSELF as chief Twitterer for these companies? Remember, you CREATE your position in the world; why not create a real-life JOB? To read about the Pizza Hut internship (located right here in Dallas) and about the idea, follow the highlighted links! And hey, think about it!

Some great links through

Hey, want some great ideas on selling your designs online? Maybe you want to know who are the best Twitterers to follow as a designer?
Well…I can help you with that!

Mashable is a great site to check on a regular basis. Check out the other links specifically for designers!