Monthly Archives: April 2009

Good web site check it out.

Here is a good well design web site! National Geographic


How to Design a Logo, & More!

Great source material and inspiration for type-based logo design. See article.

Do birds have favorite fonts?


What’s the best April Fool’s Joke ever???

Ever since you were a little kid in elementary school, being teased or even bullied on the playground, you delighted in either pulling a great April 1st prank, or witnessing one…
We all like a good laugh, maybe even a devilish laugh, especially at someone else’s expense…and we’ve ALL been on the receiving end of one of those pranks.
Any good memories of jokes worth sharing? Please share!

Exceeding expectations…or don’t bother

Seth Godin, the Marketing Guru of the Internet (and beyond), makes an incredibly valid point with this simple, but very helpful website:
Essentially, you can no longer “get away” with being visually-or design-impaired, thanks in part to the explosion of the web. Take a look at his posts, especially his links, and see if you agree.