Monthly Archives: March 2009

A Typographic View of the Economy

Take a look at this interactive view of peoples’ opinions of the economy, as calculated by the New York Times online. And participate!



Great Flash-based portfolio sites!

You will be impressed by some of these beautifully-designed, well-functioning and simple portfolio sites. Click here to take a look, and comment on your favorites.

Sex, Lies and Photoshop

From graphic designer David Airey’s blog, a glimpse into just how prevalent Photoshop touch-ups have become in the entertainment industry, specifically when it comes to magazine covers.

What is Graphic Design?

So, if someone came up and asked you this question, how would you answer? What would you say? Might be a good time to discover just what exactly you’re preparing to go do for a living.
Start with this article.

More great Photoshop tutorials!

Photoshop is the focus right now for both the WGD201 and 210 classes, and you may feel a bit overwhelmed…so to add to the confusion, check out this site for some amazing tuts, brushes, images and freebies.

Ever seen a sketchbook like this?

Take a look!



Been to Smashing Magazine lately?

Just can’t get enough of this amazing website…lots of freebies, so take a visit!

Great article about Photoshop!

Twelve Common Photoshop Mistakes & Malpractice, an article by Brian Hoff at design cublicle seemed very timely in light of our recent class lecture.
This is a great website, full of amazing information and helpful links…take a look.