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You call THAT a storyboard!?!

Go to the eCollege shell for the class, and from the Doc Sharing section, download KKGstoryboard; take a moment to look at the storyboards created for my client, and then comment here, if you will, your ideas on what consists of a storyboard.


“Make it look like, oh, you know…ebay, maybe?”

Just what do clients really want when they say these kinds of things to you, the web graphic designer? Are they talking design, or function, or capacity…or what!?! In this excellent article by Jack Zeal on the site “A List Apart,” learn what design by metaphor and simile really means.

Ad Nauseam: Repetition of TV Spots Risks Driving Consumers Away

Interesting article at

Hiroshima photos…a lost past

An excellent link to the webzine Design Observer, and a riveting article about some photos recently found, documenting the devastation and destruction of bombs dropped over 60 years ago.
I require that you post a response, and I suspect many of you might want to, especially in light of an article reported on today, saying a WMD attack in the world is within five years of our reality. Chilling thoughts, riveting glimpses into the past and grave questions about what people like you and me, the designers and shapers and modelers of our future, will do to prevent such dire consequences for our futures….can we, indeed, make a difference?

Egad! Did someone say Gestalt…again?!?

Yes, that’s right…we can never have to much info on Gestalt! This is an excellent article on equilibriumequillibrium-article in Gestalt.