CSS Zen Garden, by Dave Shea

CSS Zen Garden
is the brainchild of Dave Shea, a web graphic designer, who came up
with the idea of allowing graphic artists from all over the world to
submit their own interpretations of a webpage by modifying a CSS file.

a design and discuss the various elements and principles of design in
action. Analyze and critique the graphical elements of the design for
unity, emphasis, contrast, balance, movement, and readability. 

Note: While the focus of this site is very much on web design, concentrate your discussion on the graphic design of the various submissions.

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  • chriswren  On November 23, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    I chose OCEANSCAPE by Justin Gray. I was drawn to this particular design because of the contrast in the rich blue colors. I like the way the blue was used for the whole background; from the clouds in the sky blue and light blue shallow water, to the bottom of the ocean and darker blues. You also notice the fish at the top of the page because of the bright colors, and you notice the fish swimming downward so your eyes follow the path of the fish. You can easily follow the symmetrical flow of the page and the movement of the design from top to bottom. The bottom of the design had more “mass” with the dark and large rock formation with the sprouting vegetation.
    Perspective was used with variation in value, giving a 3-D effect on the bottom of the ocean. You see the sand contrast with the darker blues and the images of the rock with the colorful vegetation and the colorful fish swimming around. I think the fish grab you attention throughout the image and encourage you to continue to scroll to find more of the exotic fish.

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