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The Golden Section in Grid Design…yes or no?

Designer Mark Boulton is fond of grids…especially when it comes to effective web design.

His statement: “The Golden Section is a ratio which is evident throughout the universe as the number Phi. You can use this ratio to good effect in design by making sure that elements of your grid conform to this ratio. Using the Golden Section can ensure a natural sense of correct composition, even though it is based in mathematics it will ‘feel’ right.”

Read his article here and please share your comments!


A New Question…for your comments!

Our textbook, Rapid Viz, breaks down the Rapid Viz Process into three stages:

  1. Stage 1: Thumbnails
  2. Stage 2: Transparencies (Roughs)
  3. Stage 3: Final Drawing (Comps)

Now, we have worked with principles of the textbook, but have not worked exclusively with the textbook. Can you tell me- What are the goals and key concepts of each stage? How much time do you think should be spent in each stage?  Why? And finally, is it better to work collectively, in a group, critiqueing or alone? Share!

Typography film from Vancouver Film School

And something just wonderful and funny…

Too funny to let go…just yet

CSS Zen Garden, by Dave Shea

CSS Zen Garden
is the brainchild of Dave Shea, a web graphic designer, who came up
with the idea of allowing graphic artists from all over the world to
submit their own interpretations of a webpage by modifying a CSS file.

a design and discuss the various elements and principles of design in
action. Analyze and critique the graphical elements of the design for
unity, emphasis, contrast, balance, movement, and readability. 

Note: While the focus of this site is very much on web design, concentrate your discussion on the graphic design of the various submissions.

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

“Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” A quote from Samuel Beckett.

What does this mean, and how does this apply to you and to your practice as a web designer?

Read the article from Design Observer’s guest writer Matt Soar, and make comment:

What can we learn from the Obama campaign?

Are there lessons designers, especially web designers, can learn regarding building a sustainable brand from the ground up?

What started as a “grass-roots” campaign utilizing social media, emerging technology and traditional media emerged as a carefully groomed, carefully controlled message…Elect Barack Obama as President of the United States.

How did it happen? Why did it happen? Your opinions please!


5 Questions/35 Designers…an article requiring your feedback!

I want you to go to:

Read the article, then answer the five questions here, in this forum. For WGD 205 students, please read and answer by classtime, Thursday, Nov.6.

For WGD201, please answer by Tuesday, Nov. 11!


History will be made tomorow

Be a part of what may be the most important election in your lifetime…be sure and vote tomorrow. And go to on Tuesday, and watch history being made in your neighborhood, and across the nation.

And, to quote Seth Godin:

“If you see something, say something.

The transformation of communication is real, it’s permanent and it’s more powerful than most of us notice.”